Reducing threats to brand reputation & revenue

11 Dec

Reducing online threats to brand reputation and revenue

A report from a brand protection company notes that, hacking and phishing aside, other online threats to a brand’s reputation and revenue are significant and growing:

  • 53 billion visits to rogue sites in the last 12 months
  • 14% of branded paid search traffic is hijacked
  • 28% increase in domain squatting (2010)
  • 140 billion lost to counterfeiting annually
  • $100 billion lost to piracy annually

Source: Mark Monitor

To that could be added the financial and reputational damage done by keyword jackers, “unofficial” partners, discounters, domain squatters, social profile clones and other trolls passing themselves off as someone else (maybe even as you), and affiliates bidding against you for your own keywords. One cost-effective way to keep a watch on threats like these is to monitor who claims the Top 20 search results for your brand names, products, trademarks, campaign slogans and buzz words. You can keep tabs on what sites and profiles are mimicking yours and score your brand’s performance at the same time.



One Response to “Reducing threats to brand reputation & revenue”

  1. maxkulkarni February 19, 2013 at 1:50 am #

    brand and revenues are truly associated. I haven’t experienced even a single brand that has lost its reputation and still sustaining the revenue growth of yesteryear. But, it seems many brands haven’t learnt the lesson out of this. .

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