Role- and activity-based KPIs for scoring online performance 1

24 Oct

Role- and activity-based KPIs for scoring online performance 1

Online visibility — being findable and followable in Web and social search — impacts every aspect of business operations from sales and branding to reputation and recruitment. Below we’ve segmented out some of the different ways a strong online performance can help various roles and activities inside the corporation.

  • C Suite & Business Leadership. Studies show that the top performing companies and brands claim a larger share of the total value of the Top 20 search results than laggard brands do. Your strength or weakness in the Top 20 results versus your competitors is an indication of management best practice.
  • Public and Investor Relations. The Internet is the #1 information source for journalists, analysts, regulators and investors, as well as customers. When they query your company and topics associated with it, they should see the Top 20 positions dominated by company-owned pages, not competitor or detractor pages.
  • Social Media. Web search positioning influences social search positioning (and vice versa). A strong performance in the Top 20 results by your websites and social media profiles will help improve your visibility on social networks and in online communities.
  • Marketing. Customers, business partners, the media and others will form opinions of our company and your brands based on what they see (or don’t) of them in the Top 20 results. Your visibility has a strong impact on how a wide set of audiences interact with you.
  • Brand Management. A brand’s presence in — or absence from — the Top 20 search results versus its competitors is a brand statement in its own right. Claiming as many of those critical positions as possible is fundamental to successful online branding.
  • Sales, Advertising and eCommerce. The Top 20 search positions drive the lion’s share of click throughs and purchases. If your products aren’t in the Top 20, you’ll miss 80% to 90% of people searching for them. And, a strong organic search results performance helps your paid media performance.
  • Webmaster. The Top 20 search positions show the combined value of the sites, blogs, portals, networks and apps you’re tasked with managing — often on behalf of others. seeing how they perform relative to each other and to competitors helps you allocate priorities and budget.
  • Legal. The Top 20 search results are a highly visible indication of problems facing a company in the form of pages about, e.g., lawsuits, governance or regulatory action, trademark infringements. Controlling the top search positions for those topics dampens the immediate and longer term effect.
  • Human Resources. The Top 20 search slots are key positions for attracting and retaining employees — and for disgruntled ex-employees to vent. Owning the top search positions helps manage recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Customer Relations. Customers with questions about a service contract or a product return usually search online for the company’s contact points and policies. A strong showing of company sponsored pages in the Top 20 results will reassure them and pre-empt problems.

In effect, everyone has a role to play.


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