Scoring Brand Online Strength by Simple Count/Share

10 Oct

Scoring Brand Online Strength by Simple Search Results Ownership Count/Share

I first discovered the relationship between search engine results page (SERP) performance and company performance in 2006. The first “top brand” source I used was the Interbrand/BusinessWeek Top 100 companies survey published August 7, 2006 ( I ran a Google search on each company (I queried the exact name, without keyword modifiers or qualifiers) and classified the Top 20 SERPs according to who claimed the results of a query for its name: the enterprise (EGM), mainstream media (MSM), consumer-generated media (CGM), or others (OGM).

In 2006, I did not rank-weight the search positions; I scored using a simple count, treating all Top 20 positions as of equal value. I changed to rank weights in 2009.


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